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Mont des Cats Trappist beer is a genuine Belgian Trappist ale produced by the Abbey of Mont des Cats in Northern France. This traditional and carefully crafted beer features a deep amber color and a rich, creamy head, with an ABV of 7.6%. The taste is smooth and balanced, with notes of malt, caramel, and a touch of bitterness, making it a versatile and enjoyable brew for any occasion. Brewed within the walls of the abbey, Mont des Cats Trappist beer is a true representation of the Trappist brewing tradition and a testament to the dedication and expertise of the monks who brew it. Whether you're a Trappist beer aficionado or just looking to try something new, Mont des Cats is sure to impress with its timeless flavor and unparalleled quality.The Mont des Cats beer becomes the 8th Trappist beer in the world! Thanks to trappist solidarity, the beer is actually brewed by the Abbey of Scourmont.

Mont des Cats - 8th best Trappist beer of the world

CHF 5.00Preis
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