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Time to taste a special Italian strong, red beer from Menaresta brewery. Drink with me Felina Scottish Ale brewed with a sprinkle of cinnamon!


Service temperature:  8-10° C



Foam: ivory, mousse-like. Good retention and good adhesion to the glass surface.
Appearance: light brown to deep copper with ruby reflections.
Effervescence: low.


Scent/ olfactory sensation: caramel and rich toffee hints, liquorice, a fine hint of smoke followed by honeydew, honey and sweet biscuit. A gentle touch of spice.
Intensity of aroma: very intense.

Refinement of aroma: inviting.


Tactile sensation: full-bodied, not sticky but pretty rich and round in the mouth.
Intensity of aroma: very intense.
Taste: good malty sweetness of toffee, caramel balanced by a mild spicy bitterness.
Olfacto- Gustatory sensation/ back aroma: thick sweetness reminds me of toffee and biscuit, sweet short pastry a drop of honeydew, cooked pear and baked apple, a fine impression of spices.

Persistence of aroma/ end: pleasant dry finish that proposes spices, liquorice and toasted nuts.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: classic and strong, easy to drink and hard to forget.

VEG FOOD PAIRING: spicy and savoury dishes, baked potatoes and roots with ripe cheeses. Perfect with desserts: short pastry with custard, caramel nuts or jams.

Felina Scottish Ale 7.5 % 33 cl

Artikelnummer: FELBOT33
CHF 5.93Preis
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